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Rollei 35 tips

OT: Scale focusing tricks and using another classic Hi all, I've recently gotten my old first camera Rollei 35 LED in working order again and I was wondering if anyone on these minoxography threads also has experience with the 35s?

Rollei 35 Review by David Aureden

I was probably 12 when I last used the camera and it was mostly used in "street shooter mode" from my recollection bright sunlight, f8. I plan on using it or my recently acquired 35 SE as the primary camera for my lightweight hiking epics on the AT and alpine-style ascents in the Rockies.

I want to know if anyone has any "quick tricks" for accurate estimation of distances if you are using the full aperture of the Sonnar lens. Admittedly, apart from the mechanical aspect of the LED I'm not overly impressed with the materials used on the camera.

The lens ring shutter speed selector was always sticky and there are fit-and- finish inconsistencies with the ISO selector ring doesn't seat even on the top plate and the tolerances between the Triotar lens barrel and the sleeve it retracts into wriggles around quite alot There's just something about using these photographic anachronisms that can't be equalled by megapixel counts.

For accurate estimation of distance without rangefinder, see How to make a paper rangefinder. MTC PhotographyJul 6, Martin, Thanks for the tip. This is really pushing the concept of "multi-use" items in my ultra-light hiking kit. Now I can really justify carrying a III with the calibrated eye rangefinder on its base. On the note of the Rollei 35 what is the minimum distance you feel comfortable using maximum aperture AND getting adequate DOF with your rangefinder method? I think at 2.

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John, it is in the ball park, however I seldom use f2. I sold mine after shooting literally thousands of slides. I bought into Minox 35 after that point and found the Minox better for me and my shooting style - plus much quieter, smaller, lighter, automatic etc.

I've seen the light falloff of the Sonnar design f2. I think that the performance of the lens at f4. I have no experience with the Rollei 35 regular production series but I find that the "cheapened cameras" like the 35 LED are exactly that The prontar shutter on the LED has always been very loud compared to the cloth shutter on my M3 and fit and finish of this model leaves a lot to be desired from my experience.

rollei 35 tips

I hope this isn't the case with the 35 SE that I'm purchasingWith their extremely high quality Twin Lens Reflex cameras, Rollei succeeded in cornering the professional photography market by the midth century. Their eye for innovation would never leave them, with a number of novel products rolling out of Braunschweig over the decades.

Despite being one of the oldest camera manufacturers in the world, Rollei never shied away from taking left-field approaches with their camera systems.

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A failure to quickly master the dark arts of electronics from the s onwards, an ill-fated arrangement with Hasselblad and a lack of price competitiveness compared to their new Japanese competitors stymied the company badly. Rollei barely limped into the 21st century. It did not have the resources left to sustain the promotion of its advanced Hy6 film-digital medium format cameraand the famous company finally closed its doors in Today, professionals, enthusiasts and beginners alike can use equipment designed by a manufacturer that was not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

If anything, these only serve as an acknowledgment of enduring affection many still feel for the storied brand. Then in they released a totally new series of Rollei medium format SLRs; the series. These cameras are simply stunning. For the next thirty years the brand would continue to push the range forward, resulting in some of the best medium format SLRs in the world.

The Professional, Professional SRCand Integral all pack the greatest combination of features, highest modularity, and best build quality of any camera in the series. While other cameras in the lineup forego certain features the loses its interchangeable backs and the lacks a light meter, for example the models do everything and often much more than any shooter could ask of a camera. The Professional or Integral are the models to keep an eye out for.

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Square negatives emerge from its interchangeable film backs, which could be swapped mid-roll. A waist-level viewfinder provides a glorious view down onto the scene, though this could be swapped for a prism finder of choice if necessary.

A full range of accessories including extension tubes and film inserts for different formats meant the system could tackle any photographic challenge it was pitted against. Modernized electronics provided the full gamut of shooting options to a user. Various metering modes and autoexposure settings are possible, and the cameras could even shoot up to 2FPS, should you have the desire or money available to burn through film so quickly.

The lenses for the system are top of the line, perhaps unmatched in by any other medium format camera system. As well as matching the Carl Zeiss glass of its Hasselblad counterpart punch-for-punch, series users also had access to lenses manufactured by Schneider-Kreuznach which were a full stop faster than the Zeiss glass.

Lenses like the Schneider Apo Tele-Xenar mm f2. If you can find one, a Rolleiflex series camera will still hold its own against the very best professional systems, film or digital, without a shadow of a doubt. If you hold more than a passing interest in the history of the photographic medium and as visitors to this website, you most likely doyou owe it to yourself to use a classic Rolleiflex TLR at least once in your life.

From jobbing photogs recording the iconic sports events of the day to jet-setters capturing the first commercial transatlantic flights, the Rolleiflex was a sensation as soon as the first cameras left the factory.

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So what makes the Rolleiflex stand out in the modern era? On a Twin Lens Reflex camera, the duties of composing a photograph and capturing the image are split between two different lenses.

You look into the viewing lens via a waist-level finder and magnifier. Aperture and shutter settings then fall neatly under your thumbs via wheels, making the camera a model of good ergonomics. The Rolleiflex is fitted with Carl Zeiss or Schneider taking lens, providing impressively sharp results for a camera of this vintage.

For a shooter picking up a Rolleiflex inyou will be surprised how refreshing the experience of using this quirky machine is. The square negative and the top-down viewfinder will recalibrate your brain if you are stepping up from a 35mm system. The perfect ergonomics mean that you will be able to do so in minutes, not weeks.Share This Page. Thread Tools.

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Jul 5, 1. Messages: 1, Well, in return for taking care of a good friend of my family's cat while he went on vacation, he gave me his old Rollei 35, it's flash, collapsable lens hood, medium yellow filter, protective filter, and manual, as he no longer used it. It has the Zeiss Tessar 40mm f3. The shutter sticks at all speeds below 30 but from 30 to the speeds seem to work correctly.

I just put a roll of E in it, so we'll just have to see how accurate it is. The light meter is spot on, I checked it with my L My biggest problem is that the manual seems to be in French wtf? It took a while to figure out, but by looking at the pictures I finally figured out how to retract the lens. Jul 5, 2. Messages: 30, Jul 6, 3. Messages: I have one they're fun once you get used to the quirky control placement. I keep my lens out all the time, I seem to remember there is a problem if you attempt to use it while it is still retracted.

The Tessar is a very good lens, quite capable of excellent results, some more of my thoughts and images here: Rollei 35 Mark. Jul 6, 4. I have a black Rollei 35S since and took it with me on my travels throughout Europe and the Middle East and the last time to Brazil. It is a great performer and as said has some quirky control placement due to the extreme compactness of the camera.

I truely love this little camera with its great performance. Jul 6, 5. Like you I have been enjoying an old camera, in my case a Vito II folder from the 50's which also has a Tessar lens. The shutter on my camera also has problems in the 25'th of a second range. This has allowed me to keep shutter speeds up in the safe range all the time with aperatures in the sweat spot.

I've been using the new TMY-2 film, but if you want to go color I've heard good things about Provia These two films, IMHO, could very well be a one stop kit for shutter challenged camera's like ours. Denis K. Jul 6, 6.Posted by Bellamy Sep 26, Camera Geekery Rollei 35 Review by David Aureden David Aureden has put together a nice little review of a camera that sometime goes overlooked. The great Rollei Check it out. The Rollei 35S fits in my coat pocket.

My shirt pocket also, but that looks odd.

Rollei 35SE Review – and some wider thoughts about shooting a zone focus camera

The Minilux is still upstairs in a closet, waiting for time or divine intervention to fix it, as it authored most of my favorite shots. The Minilux is what led to the Rollei 35 — I wanted something small, great lens, bigger viewfinder, and manual. There are only 1. Having 1. Using the Rollei 35s is an ongoing lesson in composition and process optimization.

rollei 35 tips

And focus is guessing the distance of the subject from the eye. So do you really want this on a print? Turning the lens to the estimated focus requires. No hum and whir of electronic focusing mechanisms judging the distance.

If I want to continue, the next task is the exposure. The specificity of its guidance needs to be averaged out. Another distraction to consider. Once distance and exposure are chosen, they are no longer relevant to the task. Out of my mind. Floating away like so many useless daydreams at the office. Or hours spent looking at nothing really relevant on the internet.

Back to step 4. That viewfinder. Just the view, and how to frame it. Steadily push the shutter release an unexpectedly tight mechanism. And advance.

rollei 35 tips

It comes along with me more often than any other film camera. The human factors of the design are so spot on, that it begs to be used.Zeno has a large tumblr of hundreds of images made with a Rollei 35mm, intrigued I send him a few question along with a selection of his images.

OT: Scale focusing tricks and using another classic... Rollei 35

I started taking photos ininfluenced by my father and a school photo group. What Inspired your photography? How did the project start? In I had reached a point of frustration, interestingly not about photography, but about the gear to keep.

I always feared to have the wrong equipment with me. I permanently changed the gear I took and that was not very good for my mood. In August I decided to close my camera cabinet and use only one camera and one film for the next year.

The film choice was clear. The brick-like shape and the weight made it a joy to hold and the controls could be used much quicker than any other I tested for this project other candidates were the Olympus 35 RC and the Zorki 1. The scale focus system added some spice to the project. I would be responsible for the whole process of creating a picture, so I could not blame anything for bad pictures.

This should keep me awake during the project. In the darkroom I prefer standardized processes. I had found out earlier, that the Polypan F works well with Rodinal in the stand development method. This gives me the deep blacks and slightly blown out highlights I prefer and I have an hour to do something else than watch a developing tank! For darkroom enthusiasts, what is your process? My equipment in the darkroom is made by Jobo.

I own two Jobo daylight tanks and two five-roll tanks from the Jobo series. After spooling the film which I do under the bedsheets I fill in the developer solution of I agitate the tank ten times and let it sit still for one hour.

rollei 35 tips

If I forget it, it may sit one and a half or two hours too;- Then I rinse shortly with water and fill in the fixer Tetenal or Adox. After fixing I wash the film using the Ilford method with inversions. After removing the film from the spool I strip off the water with a paper towel low pressure and hang it to dry.

The paper towel may drive some photographers crazy, but the whole thing works for me. The negatives are cut and stored in pergamine sheets. The scanning is done with a Canoscan F, the post processing as little as possible in Graphicconverter or Gimp. Some months ago I started to use color film in the Rollei too. These are drugstore developed and the negatives are scanned.

What are the costs associated with film?But for anyone lured by its charming looks, there are no shortage of concerns and caveats spoken about its usability to fairly readily counteract that lure.

To sound wholly ungrateful for a moment, for various personal preferences I might not have chosen it either. So now I own it, and have got to grips with it, should I have listened to my personal preferences, or should I have allowed myself to get sucked in by those good looks sooner? I actually have two Rollei 35 cameras, the B35 and the 35SE. The focus of this review will be the 35SE, though I have no doubt that I will come back to the B35 at a later date.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, both these cameras were gifted to me by a chap named Ray; a reader of this website. His action that went on to inspire me to give away a Leica iiic. Thanks again Ray! It was leant to me by a customer when I worked in a camera shop. The one I now have has a minor dent in it too, so I suspect they are indeed quite easy to dent.

Regardless of the dent and the short period of time I spent with the loaned camera, I was left wanting one. I suspect, ultimately, my penchant for some level of automation may have gotten in the way of the buying process.

This might be via entire automation in the case of the likes of an Oly AF Of course, the Rollei 35SE does have a light meter, but outside of that meter there is very little to help you on your way. One of the most oft repeated supposed caveats of the Rollei 35 is that it is fiddly to use.

But, at the same time, I somewhat feel the need to defend it. What has potential to make the camera a fiddle to use is when and how frequently those controls need to be changed.

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Before I get to the process of changing of the camera settings, I just have a quick comment on the action. Some of the other models of Rollei 35 have meters on the top. To get an accurate reading quickly you have to be looking through the finder to see the meter as you change the settings.

Sounds awkward? Actually, in practice I found it quite quick to get used to …. Shooting this camera with ease is all about the method with which it is shot. As I mentioned a moment ago, it is only fiddly if you are constantly changing the aperture and shutter speed for every shot.Today we'll be getting to grips with the Rollei 35 S pictured here with a 50p next to it for scale 50p being the internationally recognised unit of scale and really just to make the point that this thing is TINY!!

I mean really tiny I was VERY fortunate to have been gifted this camera by a friend of a friend and I am very grateful especially so since I absoltuely love this camera!! At first glance I thought it might be something special and whilst I hadn't heard of a Rollei 35S before I was familar with the brand Rollei as they manufactured the legendary series of 'Rollei-flex' cameras and also some of my favourite 35mm film Rollei 80S they really like the designation 'S' don't they? Even without the internet's say so it's apparent from the build quality - this thing is very solidly built and feels well put together with the body being mostly metal, although still fairly light.

The other thing I noticed on closer inspection was the lens - a 40mm f2. Zeiss being the name of the supremo German lens manufacturer who are basically super awesome In practice the control and use of this camera is quite unusual - in fact at first i was a bit put off by it, I'll attempt to explain but take it from me that having shot a couple of rolls of film through this thing now, it's actually really easy to use and it's probably more complicated to explain, or at least it'll probably sound more complicated but trust me it's not really complicated The lens is not connected to the view finder so you have to focus the lens by judging the distance between yourself and your subject and then using the scale on top of the lens to set focus I might do a review of the app soon.

Becuase the focus is done in this manner and the lens isn't linked to the viewfinder makes the Rollei 35S perfect for street shooting becuase you don't have to hold it up to your eye to focus, it's tiny size also supports this stealthy approach - I've always been a bit self conscious when it comes to shooting street photos and these days folks don't really take too kindly to having their photos taken which kind of kills the 'documenting life as it happens' ethos of street photography - but no longer!

Enough techno babble! I've shot two rolls of Rollei Retro S with this camera - the first on an afternoon in Leeds City Centre and the second back in what is seemingly becoming my fave street shooting destination I developed both rolls of film at the same time using a semi stand development process and I have to say I am very pleased with the results, really great contrast and detail with a good grain texture - it has a painterly feel to it in some of the images which is really appealing Sorry - that was even more technobabble!

And now on to Dewsbury - different conditions it was quite overcast vs the bright sunny day I spent in Leeds with a much darker feel, I like! I respect your privacy and won't share your email address with anyone random or spam you with daft emails I promise! Email Address. Sign Up.


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